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Electric Streetcars are returning to US streets.
This site is designed to promote the return of streetcars to cities around the United States.. As the information on this site amply documents, electric streetcars provide a transportation system that is quiet, energy efficient and a pleasure to use.

Site Organization
What's Up? contains links to four sites which provide extensive general information about streetcar systems. It also includes information about dual-powered streetcars. Next is a series of links to current news about light rail and streetcars. The third section contains links to information about four new systems that began to operate in 2014-2016. The last section includes links to information about three systems that are under construction.

From 1999 to 2007, there was great interest in building a 21st century streetcar line in Madison. The streetcar line proposed by the Madison Streetcar Study committee would have provided convenient access to State Street businesses, the Arts District, downtown attractions, and the University of Wisconsin campus.
  • As the experience of other cities shows, e.g. Kansas City, a streetcar line would itself have attracted riders and thus increased the visibility of downtown businesses and area attractions.
  • The various proposals which were developed and considered can be accessed under Proposals.

    Equipment Includes text about and links to additional information describing the eight types of streetcars in operation on US systems in 2017. It also provides information about the manufacturers of each type. In addition to coverage of the equipment, there are links to some of the systems which operate each type of car.

    Other Cities provides information new streetcar operations in eleven US cities, Separate pages of information are included about Kenosha, WI, Memphis, TN, Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA, and Seattle WA.. Descriptions with links are provided for seven other cities. In addition, the continuous operation of PCCs since 1937 in Boston, MA is briefly reviewed.

    Links are provided for those who want additional information. There are links to information about several of the streetcar systems described on this site. There are also links to the web pages of six contemporary suppliers of the streetcars described on this site.