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Equipment : Union Streetcar/Skoda T10
United Streetcar in Clackamas,OR is building a 21st century streetcar. The cars were initially manufactured by Skoda-Inekon in Plzen, in the Czech Republic. Oregon Iron Works purchased rights to produce the cars in the United States, and set up a subsidiarity, United Streetcar, to produce them. The car, designated the T10 by Skoda, is designed to fit the scale and traffic patterns of urban neighborhoods. The cars are 2.46 meters (about 8 feet) wide, and 20 meters (about 66 feet) long. The center section of the car is a "low floor design," which allows for fast loading/unloading and easy access for persons with physical handicaps.

The first cars were delivered to Portland, and contain 41 seats, and provide space for two wheelchairs (see diagram of floor plan below). It is designed for a maximum load of 134 persons. There are 6 doors (3 on each side), and six windows per side. The top speed is 31 mph. The cars have both air-conditioning and heating equipment. The propulsion and braking systems are state of the art. For more information, go to: Since United Streetcars began constructing the cars, the design has evolved. United Streetcars is constructing and delivering cars to Tucson, AZ, and Washington DC.

Skoda schematic
Skoda schematic

photo of Skoda car
Portland Streetcar 005 operating on the Portland State University campus.

photo of Skoda car
Portland Streetcar 003 operating on a city street.

photo of Skoda car
Portland Streetcar 001 at a streetcar stop.

photo of Skoda car
Sound Transit car operating in Tacoma WA.

United Streetcar, Portland OR

United Streetcar began building streetcars similar to the T10 in 2009. United is supplying 6 streetcars in conjunction with the Portland East side Loop line. It is also supplying 6 cars for Tucson, AZ, and 3 for Washington, DC.

United Streetcar built for Tucson, AZ.