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Equipment : Brookville Liberty
MUNI 1079 (Detroit). one of the former NJT streetcars rehabilitated by Brookville at Beach Street Terminal. Photo by John DeLamater.
Brookville Equipment Corporation
Brookville Equipment Corporation has been involved in streetcar rehabilitation and construction for many years. Its Streetcar Division is currently involved in four aspects, as detailed on its webpage; to go to the page, click on the link above. As detailed above in the section on PCC cars, Brookvile has rehabilitated and modernized three groups of PCC cars for San Francisco, and is now rehabilitating the first group which it initially rebuilt in the early 1990s.

Brookville Liberty Streetcar.
Brookville is now producing its own car, The Liberty. The car is similar in length and capacity to the United Streetcar.

A Dallas Liberty streetcar crossing the Houston Avenue Viaduct operating on battery power.
Dallas, TX
The City of Dallas built a modern streetcar line. Phase 1 runs from Union Station to the Methodist Medical Center, and opened in 2015. The line was extended from the Medical Center to the Bishop Arts district in 2016. The City selected the Brookville Liberty streetcar to provide service. The route travels over the Houston Avenue Viaduct and the decision was made not to install overhead wire on that section. As a result, the cars are "dual-mode", capable of running short distances on battery power; the batteries recharge when the car is operating under electrical power from the overhead wires. The streetcars are operated by DART, Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

Detroit QLine Liberty streetcar in traffic.
Detroit, MI
M-1 Rail, a consortium of private and public businesses and institutions in the Detroit region, developed a plan in 2012 for a 3.3-mile-long streetcar line serving Woodward Avenue in Downtown Detroit. Woodward is a major thoroughfare, and provided access to downtown for the major streetcar lines in Detroit until the end of streetcar service in 1956. The route operates from Congress Street to Grand Boulevard. The system, branded as the QLine, opened in May 2017. It utilizes 6 Brookville Liberty Modern Streetcars to provide service. Like the Dallas cars, these cars can operate using power from overhead wire or from batteries carried on the cars. As built, 60 percent of the route is off wire, with the cars operating on battery power.

A rendering of a Brookville Liberty streetcar operating on St. Paul Avenue in Milwaukee.
Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee is constructing a streetcar line. Phase 1 is a loop from Kilbourne Street to St. Paul, Avenue via Milwaukee and Broadway in the downtown. For more information click on the link above. Phase 1 is expoected to open in 2018. Service will be provided by Brookville Liberty Modern streetcars.