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Electric Streetcars are returning to US streets.
This site is designed to promote the return of streetcars to cities around the United States, including Madison, Wisconsin. Electric streetcars provide a transportation system that is quiet, energy efficient and a pleasure to use.

In Madison, the streetcar line proposed by the Madison Streetcar Study committee could provide convenient access to State Street businesses, the Arts District, downtown attractions, and the University of Wisconsin campus.
  • It could reinforce State Street's role "in connecting The University of Wisconsin to the larger community and to public places such as the State Capitol and Monona Terrace." (Strategic Plan, Vision)
  • The streetcar is quiet and non-polluting; it could "make transit an asset without compromising environmental quality." Strategic Plan, p.49
  • A streetcar serving downtown Madison could interconnect 11 major locations/facilities which attract residents and visitors. Service to Monona Terrace and the Convention Center Hotel could increase access of convention-goers to State Street venues, especially during inclement weather.
  • A streetcar would itself attract riders and thus increase the visibility of downtown businesses and area attractions.