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Brookville Equipment Company
Brookville Equipment Company, in Brookville PA, is rebuilding PCC cars. It rebuilt 18 Cars, built in 1948, for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority; the cars returned to daily service.on the 15 Girard route. SEPTA now refers to these as PCC II cars; a photo of car 2320 appears in the Equipment/PCC section.

Brookville restored 16 PCCs for San Francisco between 2004 and 2011. This includes cars purchased from New Jersey Transit in 2003, as well as some double-end cars owned by San Francisco. All of the cars entered service on the F Line. Brookville is presently rebuilding as additional 16 cars for San Francisco. Some of these are cars originally purchased from SEPTA that went into service in 1995.

For photos and a description of the cars rebuilt for SEPTA, go to:

Photos of PCC cars refurbished for San Francisco Municipal Railway

Gomaco Trolley Company
Gomaco Trolley Company, Ida Grove, IA manufacturers replicars of several types, and reconditions vintage cars, including streetcars from Milan, Italy.

Skoda_Inekon is part of Skoda Dopravni Technika, a company that manufactures electric railway locomotives, suburban trains, and metro trainsets, in addition to four type of tramcars (streetcars). The company's URL is:

Union Streetcar
Uniion Streetcar, a subsidiary of Oregon Iron Works, built and delivered the modern streetcars initially built by Skoda, designated the T10. Union Streetcars constructed and delivered 18 cars to Portland, OR, Tucson, AZ, and Washington DC before it closed in 2014.

Siemens is supplying a streetcar which is longer and has a larger capacity than streetcars built by other suppliers such as Union, CAF, and Brookville. The car is designated the S70. It is longer and has a larger capacity that the Union Streetcar, CAF Urbos 3, or Brookville Liberty cars.

Brookville Liberty
Brookville is now producing its own car, The Liberty. The car is similar in length and capacity to the Union Streetcar. Brookville has produced cars for Dallas and Detroit that can operate off of energy from pverhead wire or batteries.