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Other Cities : Seattle
Seattle streetcar lines map.
Seattle has two modern streetcar lines in operation in 2017. The first line is the South Lake Union (SLU) Line, opened in 2007. The second line opened in 2016, the First Hill Streetcar. The streetcar lines are owned by the Seattle Department of Transportation. The lines are operated under contract by King County Metro, which operates several other transit properties in the area.

An Inekon streetcar on the South Lake Union Line in Seattle, arriving at the Westlake Hub terminal. Photo by John DeLamater.
The South Lake Union Line connects the South Lake Union neighbor hood with the Downtown business and retail district. The line is 1.3 miles long and includes seven stops. The northern terminal is at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center. The southern terminal is at Westlake Hub near the commercial core.

The Second line, the First Hill streetcar, connects Pioneer Square, south of Downtown Seattle, with Capitol Hill, east of Downtown Seattle.. The line is 2.5 miles long and includes 10 stops.

Seattle First Hill streetcar at the Capitol Hill terminal. Photo by John DeLamater
Seattle has purchased streetcars from Inekon to provide service on both lines. Inekon was a party to a joint venture with Skoda, to provide streetcars to Portland. Early on the joint venture was terminated and Inekon produced and sold variants of the Skoda T10. Seattle purchased 3 Inekon 12-Trio vehicles, and 7 Inekon Trio Type 121 streetcars. The Inekon Trio Type 121 cars are capable of operation on battery power. On some downhill segments of the First Hall line, the cars operate on battery power.