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Phase II: Downtown Connector (July 2002)


Connector service in-street to downtown activity centers: In-street starter rail service, utilizing a light passenger rail vehicle, would connect downtown activity centers to the commuter rail trunk line service.

Proposed Alignment (See Figure 1)
  • The line would begin at a station adjacent and connected to the Camp Randall commuter rail station (near Randall and West Johnson Streets).
  • The line would proceed southeast, parallel to the rail right-of-way, to Dayton Street.
  • The tracks would run east in the center of Dayton Street, in mixed traffic, to Frances Street, where they would turn north on Frances Street to University Avenue.
  • The tracks would cross University Avenue and continue northeast on Gilman Street to State Street.
  • The tracks would then continue east on the State Street Transit Mall.
  • At Capitol Square, the eastbound track would continue southeast on Carroll Street and turn northeast on Main Street; the alignment on Capitol Square would be in mixed traffic, with cars operating in the prevailing direction.
  • The tracks would continue northeast in the center of East Main Street to Ingersoll Street.
  • The tracks would turn southeast on Ingersoll Street, and continue to the rail right-of-way.
  • The line would terminate at a station adjacent to and connected to the Ingersoll commuter rail station (near Ingersoll street and the ROW).
  • The westbound route would be the reverse of the route outlined above, except that it would travel around Capitol Square via Pinckney and Mifflin Streets, in mixed traffic, with cars operating in the prevailing direction.

  • This alignment is 3.2 miles in length.

    In order to provide flexibility of service, on Capitol Square, the eastbound and westbound tracks should be connected via segments of curved track and switches (at Main and Pinckney/King and at State and Mifflin/Carroll). This would allow cars from Camp Randall and Ingersoll to end their trips or Ashort turn@ at the Square; this may be desirable during rush hour, parades and other downtown events. Also for flexibility, cross-overs should be provided at two or three locations to allow cars to reverse direction. One obvious location for a cross-over would be on Dayton Street, west of the Kohl Center (between Lake and Park Streets).

    Proposed Station/Stop Locations and Spacing
    The preliminary station/stop locations for this alignment are shown in Figure 1. There are 8 stations/stops. The stops are as follows:
    1. Camp Randall (commuter rail station).
    2. Dayton/Mills (Streets)
    3. Kohl Center (Dayton at Lake/Frances Streets)
    4. Gilman/State (Streets)
    5. Capitol Square West (State near Carroll Street)
    6. Capitol Square East (E. Main near Pinckney Street)
    7. Main/Blair (Streets)
    8. Ingersoll (commuter rail station)
    An optional stop could be located on East Main at Paterson.

    The spacing between the proposed stops ranges from .3 miles to .6 miles. The average stop spacing is .4 miles.

    There are at least two advantages of locating the eastern terminal at Ingersoll. First, the system will need a storage and maintenance facility for the cars. An ideal location is the vacant land between the existing Madison Metro facility and the rail ROW east of Ingersoll Street. Placing this facility at the end of the line minimizes non-revenue "deadhead" trips for cars to and from the facility. Second, locating the line in the center of East Main Street will encourage development in this area, and would make the line accessible to residents of the near east side.

    Hours of Operation, Headway, Scheduling
    The following are recommended:
  • Hours of service: 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM on weekdays; 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  • Headway: 5-minutes peak, 10-minutes off-peak, 15 minutes after 9:00 PM Sunday through Thursday; 15 minutes on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, with more frequent service during special events.
  • Scheduling: inbound streetcars should be scheduled to leave the terminals 1 minute after the arrival of inbound commuter trains (trains from Greenway Center, East Towne). Streetcars should be scheduled to arrive at the terminals shortly before the arrival of outbound commuter trains (trains to Greenway Center, East Towne).

  • Additional cars should be scheduled in coordination with the starting and ending times of major events at Camp Randall, the Kohl Center, the Overture Hall and Oscar Meyer Theatre, and Monona Terrace.

    Number of Cars
    To provide the proposed service, a fleet of 8 cars would be sufficient.

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